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Services Offered

The Healthy Living Personal Program

Have you ever thought "this eating healthy is hard" or "why do I have to get rid of what I enjoy just to be healthy?". If these thoughts have come to mind in your process of changing your life for the better, I can tell you you're not alone! Many suffer from not knowing what to do or what step to make moving forward, this can make changing your daily habits hard, especially your eating habits. Also what if I told you you didn't necessarily have to get rid of the foods you enjoy?
Selecting from my thought out programs I will guide you into making the right choices for yourself while you can enjoy healthy alternatives to your favorite foods. I make cooking and recipe finding enjoyable as well as living a more active lifestyle with wanting more and doing more for yourself.


The Healthy Living Workshop

My workshops are both group and one on one sessions that include a variety of services such as Recipe Night, Moms Night Out, Shopping Tips, and many more. With my knowledge and resources I can help make picking healthier alternatives a second nature and give you tools that will improve your overall health and lifestyle.

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