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Meet Aryana

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

I found my passion in eating healthy and living a better life after I made a switch in my own diet and habits when I turned 19 years old. I grew up eating TV dinners, pizza, and good ol' fast food (a double quarter pounder with large fries, and Dr. Pepper were my go to for my adolescent years!). I wasn't the most active teenager growing up, I seriously considered myself lazy even though both my parents were runners and gym goers. My thing was walking since I didn't have a car, ha!

Once I got my first car, my eating and lifestyle habits started catching up to me slowly, who know walking so much could help hold off the weight? With the help of some guidance from my father,  I then realized I need to start brushing up on some cooking skills and become more active. This is when my life changed, and for the better.​

At 19 I was opened to a whole new world of recipes, workout routines, and mindset importance (since mine wasn't at its best). Then, the importance of organic, pasture-raised, and non- GMO made its debut into my life, that was fun running down that rabbit hole. After I had an idea on food, I became pregnant with my first. With my son, food had a whole new meaning. This was how I was going to be providing for my son, giving him the nutrients he needed and have food become his medicine.

I dove into nutritional education even more and that's when my passion for sharing what I learned and helping individuals create healthier lifestyle choices came into place. I can thank my son for this passion, and his sister has definitely helped contribute in this as well! 

If you are done trying all the quick fixes, the yo-yo dieting, or just want guidance on making better choices and living a healthier lifestyle, click 'Book A Consultation' and see what I can offer you!


 Sept' 2012.                                         April 2013

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